Saturday, October 13, 2012

CreativeSwaps Prayer Flags

My return flags from Leanna's CreativeSwaps  arrived in a prompt manner. Unfortunately, my blog post is not as timely. But with a sense of autumn in the air and a possibility of rain, I was motivated to take the time to photograph my prayer flags outside before bringing them in to reside safely away from the elements.

Here are the flags that I received in exchanged.

Linda Kunsman made an iron-on transfer of her own delightful hand painted background and printed an invocation onto it.
               Like water, feel peaceful
               Like wood, keep growing
               Like fire, be alive,
               Like earth, experience balance
               Like metal, stay strong.

Vicki Page created a charming vignette of nature with a delightful butterfly and tiny bells to jingle in the wind.

This lovely fabric confection of hand dyed laces was created by Terri Heinz and bestows these wishes:  "May all experience JOY from within"

My first thought was to tie them to my side gate in order to get the best photograph of the flags.


But then I spied an empty trellis and thought they would complement this purple aster nicely.

Thank you ladies for your gifts of creativity and to Lenna for a superb job of hosting this thoughtful exchange.

My flag creations? .... you'll find in this post.